2016 Pirelli World Challenge TCB Champion Tom O’Gorman is set to join Honda Racing/HPD as a development driver at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, serving as the first test for HPD’s 10th-Generation Honda Civic race car.

Riding a wave of success from the 2016 season, having claimed the Pirelli World Challenge TCB Driver’s Championship and an SCCA Solo National Championship on top of numerous race wins, Tom O’Gorman will finish the year joining Honda Racing/HPD as a development driver for the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill, December 2-4. Honda Racing/HPD has entered their latest Honda Civic, with the goal of developing the new platform for the 2017 season.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Honda Racing/HPD at Thunderhill,” says O’Gorman. “2016 has been a great season, partnering with HPD to debut the 2016 Honda Fit in TCB and BSpec and having so much success – it’ll be great to use that momentum to push forward with the new Civic at this event. It’s an honor to be involved – big thanks to Honda Racing/HPD.”

The NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill has become one of North America’s premier endurance races. Growing from a grassroots endurance race into a hotbed of professional teams, drivers, and competition over the past 13 years, it has also become a prime testing ground for new racing programs to test the performance and durability of their vehicles.

Also joining as a development driver for the event is fellow Pirelli World Challenge and SCCA Track Night In America coach Shea Holbrook. Holbrook is a multi-time PWC race winner, having campaigned Hondas in Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car classes for 7 years and most recently completing the first full season for Honda Racing/HPD’s latest Accord V6 Coupe, earning a Top-5 finish in the Driver’s Championship.

“Shea and I have a great relationship, first as co-workers on the Track Night In America program and now as fellow Honda drivers in the PWC paddock,” tells O’Gorman. “I actually shadowed Shea Racing before running my first World Challenge weekend in 2015 to learn about the series, so she’s been a great friend and mentor for me in the past year and a half. I’m definitely excited to be teamed with her and HPD for the 25 hour.”

The NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill takes place December 2-4. For more information about the race, including live timing to follow the race, visit https://nasa25hour.com/. Find Tom O’Gorman online at tomoracing.com, on Facebook (TOMO Racing), and on Instagram/Twitter (@tomoracing) to follow his racing adventures.